A new approach to bathrooms

Posted 31st July 2023

Anyone who has driven by a piled-high skip will know just how much is simply thrown away when renovating a home.

It does not need to be that way. Paul Rising, who set up Olney Bathrooms ten years ago, has taken a fresh look at the way he and his team work. He realised clients can still have their dream bathroom but through the use of sustainable products the completed space will have a lot less impact on the environment.

This new way of working does not mean clients have to compromise on style or pay more for their bathroom.

Paul, who has more than 20 years in the trade, said: “Everyone is far more environmentally aware, and we knew it was important for us to play our part. It really didn’t make sense to me that we are sourcing materials like tiles and marble from across the world and then notching up hundreds of air miles to get them delivered.

“Now we are sourcing similar high-quality products but making sure they are available much closer to home and far more sustainable. Once we talk clients through the options it might be that they see ways of giving their bathroom a new look but don’t have to rip out everything and dump it in a skip which will be destined for landfill. We have always tried our best, but it is frustrating that so much cannot be recycled, so we decided to take a different approach.”

The new style eco bathrooms use less to no plastic, including pipework, and the paint is also environmentally friendly. Traditional tiles that cannot be recycled and are a drain on the environment are no longer used. The alternative hybrid tiles are made from recyclable materials and when a client wants a new look can be recycled rather than added to the skip.

Micro-cement, which comes in an extensive range of colours, is another option for those looking for something different for their walls, worktops and windowsills.

Paul said: “Micro-cement is such a versatile product and is a total alternative to tiles. No grout is needed and the seamless 100 per cent waterproof walls are totally free of plastic. Feedback from clients is that the bathroom is so much easier to maintain, and it is good to know there is little impact on the environment.”

There is no limit to the different looks for bathrooms with some opting for a traditional look to suit their homes while others favour the minimalist look. One of the latest design trends is to combine micro-cement and glass with stylish slatted walls, using woods like birch which is very strong and waterproof. The fitted furniture can be made in-house to any colour to complement the micro-cement.

Paul said: “We work closely with each customer to make sure they get the room they want at the budget they have set.

“Renovating a bathroom correctly takes planning and forethought and is always installed with patience to avoid cutting quality. When completed correctly a properly fitted bathroom can last for a very long time. The use of micro-cement means a new look is easy to achieve with a change of colour or texture, so it feels like a new room again with little impact on the environment.”

The first step to getting a dream bathroom is to arrange a home visit. Call, email or send a WhatsApp message on 078844 80131.
After talking through the options Paul will provide an estimate.