A Taste of The Mediterranean

Posted 4th October 2019

Fenny Stratford, a rather delightful historic market town with the heart and soul of a city! Part of Milton Keynes Borough and just a stone’s throw from the centre, this hidden suburb has an emerging star blooming on its growing main road. The Fenny Kitchen. 

Standing proud since the 16th century, this former farmhouse has been clearly loved and respected by its owner, Tony Keller.  This local Architectural Designer created the space within the old walls, to create his life’s passion and has ploughed his love for food, travel, buildings and Fenny into this new eatery.  

Now established for a year, Tony has every right to feel rather proud of his creation and the business he runs. The restaurant has a warm and homely vibe and there is something rather special in the way he has developed a place to eat for all occasions. Whether it’s a birthday or anniversary celebration, or just somewhere to be instead of at home and cooking, The Fenny Kitchen offers a charming dining experience.  

The open plan kitchen causes the most delicious aromas to spill out onto the street as you enter through the front door and you are greeted by the wonderful Mediterranean scent of basil, chives and rosemary, that frame the kitchen in aged wooden crates. All open plan, the chefs can be seen busy with their orders, centred around an impressive wood fired pizza oven. Some of the old 16th century artefacts and fittings are still present within the kitchen and dining area, and it really adds the footings of its Fenny history, preserved by Tony and his designs.

The Creamy Fenny Pasta
The Creamy Fenny Pasta

So, to the menu, what can you expect from an evening at the Fenny Kitchen? Tony describes his food as “Anglo-Mediterranean”; a wonderful familiar take on the flavoursome food from golden shores, warm sun and heady olive groves. The menus give just enough; the favourites we all love, the choice of specials to try and a children’s menu to tempt the smaller taste buds.  

Sharing platters, like the Fenny Mezze, offer Mediterranean flavours in a choice of salamis, halloumi, mozzarella, anchovies and selection of dips to try. Sundried tomatoes, artichokes and pepper and one of the tastiest flat breads you will find on our British shore, also come with this great social dish. A prawn basket with choice of sauce and the flatbread is also another starter to pick over and there are some well thought out vegetarian dishes on offer too. 

The main course could prove a little difficult. If you are a pizza lover, it will take some effort to not want to try one of the great-flavoured and imaginative pizzas being cooked up in the star oven. Polenta dusted with crisped edges and then treated with an amazing tomato sauce and oozing cheese; the pizza oven really earns its place. Oh, and if you see one of Tony’s calzone’s being served up at a neighbouring table after you have already placed your order, you may just get a little plate envy! These are huge bombs of the Mediterranean ready to be cut into.  

If you are able to steer away from the pizza, the main courses provide a number of home-cooked dishes to choose from. Sea Bass with roasted vegetables, a choice of different Grilled Shashlik Kebabs, a filling bowl of pork Carrilada, slow cooked and full of flavour, are just a few options to create a haven of the Mediterranean at your table. The pasta dishes are beautifully presented with a choice of either cream or tomato-based sauces and if you are keen to eat a little lighter, you can build your own gourmet salad with a choice of imaginative ingredients and toppings. 

Divine Chocolate Cake
Divine Chocolate Cake

Desserts are a choice of home-made cakes, cheesecakes and tiramisu, which are all made in-house, dishing up a taste of Italy and Spain. The chocolate filling, rich, sweet and creamy in the chocolate cake is certainly a grand finale to end with, if you have space! Fragrant orange cake with almonds and a light, coffee-infused tiramisu are also choices to tempt you and allow your taste buds to meander down the Mediterranean shores. 

Along with the warming décor and the enticing menu, The Fenny Kitchen also has something a little extra that adds to its appeal. The staff. Tony’s team are thoughtful, attentive and eager to help and you will find them as enthusiastic about their food as Tony. Knowledgeable and happy to help you choose, they will help answer any questions about the menu and to guide you with their own descriptions of the dishes.  

Whether you fancy popping in on a Thursday night to watch live music whilst flicking through the menu or enjoy a Fenny Kitchen breakfast and ponder over a Full English or lighter continental dishes and omelettes, you may find this restaurant a new favourite place to visit.  

Tony is certainly set to spoil Fenny Stratford and the surroundings and being such a short drive from Milton Keynes, it’s a fantastic local place to be in the Borough. So, Happy 1st Birthday Fenny Kitchen! Your passion and energy for a great food is certainly thriving and we’ll all be booking a table soon.

Menus and details can be found on the website or Facebook, so check them out… www.facebook.com/TheFennyKitchen and www.fennykitchen.co.uk