Awards Ceremony Celebrates KS4 Achievement

Posted 25th September 2018

Pupils, parents and staff gathered recently to recognise the efforts and achievements of Key Stage 4 pupils during the 2017/18 Academic year.
The awards were presented by motivational speaker Tola Adeliyi, a teacher of Science, a Youth Impact Coach and a Motivational Speaker. During his entertaining speech Tola gave examples of famous people including Einstein, Michael Jordan, Muhammad Ali and Oprah Winfrey who had been earmarked as low achievers at school and told they would never amount to anything. Tola described how their perseverance had paid off as they all went on to achieve fantastic careers. He told our students that they should never be discouraged but should find what makes them special and persevere with their studies.
Pupils were rewarded for outstanding achievement in subject areas, for setting an example as a year leader and for exceptional contributions to the school community.
Jo-Anne Hoarty, Headteacher at St Paul’s, said: “We’re very proud of all of our nominees and winners as they truly are beacons representing all aspects of our school motto to Love, Serve and Do the Best that is Possible.”
Some notable winners included Sarafina Otis, who won awards for PE, Year 11 Year Leader and the Waitrose Cup for Excellence, awarded for the best public examination results. Teachers said that in her time at St Paul’s she has come to encapsulate all of the core values that define the school and they have no doubt that in her adulthood she will go on to share these gifts and talents with the world to enrich it, as she has enriched the people around her here.”
James Brady received the award for Mathematics and was also the recipient of the Maureen Grant award for the student who has overcome great challenges to be successful. Teachers nominated James as he has overcome significant levels of anxiety to achieve fantastically well. His increasing maturity and self-awareness has enabled him to become more adept at choosing different strategies to use when he does become anxious so that by the time he sat his GCSE exams, he was well prepared and managed this process extremely well.
Andrea Troso received the award for Year 10 Year Leader. Teachers said: “Andrea is a polite and well-mannered student who is always supportive to those around him. During form time he can often be found helping students, he is also a positive role model. During work experience he was exemplary and organised his own placement, receiving extremely positive feedback from his employers.”
To recognise their sporting success and contribution to school teams, Ben Hampton was declared Victor Ludorum and Shaniah Herelle, Victrix Ludorum.
The Headteacher’s Award, for the student who has done their very best, was received by Zuzanna Rohnka. Summing up her success, Mrs Hoarty said: “Zuzanna has always been a very pleasant student who has been a real credit to the Year Group and St Paul’s. She seeks out teachers to ask for advice and help to ensure that she always tries ‘to do the best that is possible’ in every subject of the curriculum. Zuzanna is always thoughtful towards others, and goes out of her way to help both staff and students and always volunteers for different opportunities such as charity work.”
Students received a certificate and trophy and category winners were also given vouchers.