Bletchley’s taste of paradise

Posted 17th October 2017

Opened only a few months ago, Pasha is already making a solid name for itself amongst the plethora of eateries in Milton Keynes. You only have to Google the restaurant and you will see an abundance of reviews – all positive, I hasten to add. And that’s a good sign. 

Situated on the Buckingham Road in Bletchley, Pasha has a modern, trendy feel with a subtle touch of Byzantine-era opulence. Colours are neutral, linen crisp and tables gleam ready to welcome you.

Once seated we were presented with warmed flatbread, served with a tomato and chilli dipping sauce with black and green pitted olives and crumbled feta cheese. It didn’t last long and was enough to abate the hunger, for now. 

With more time to consider the menu, the attentive staff helped us search for the perfect dish, explaining all ingredients and methods of cooking. I could have quite easily tried the whole menu, which was a variety of hot and cold Meze, house specials, traditional dishes and vegetarian delights. 

For starters, we opted for a selection of popular dishes chosen by the Chef. We had calamari, whitebait, grilled halloumi, Turkish sausage and the most delicious, softly spiced falafel I have ever tasted. In the centre of the starter was home-made hummus, which words would not do justice – you have to taste it. 

Meat Moussaka, which was layered with succulent minced lamb, potatoes, peppers, carrots, aubergine and courgette topped with béchamel sauce, cheese melted on top and oven baked, was served with salad and rice. Don’t plan on going back to work straight after eating this dish; without doubt, it is best eaten in the evening, so you can fall into a contented sleep straight after. 

Lamb Ali Nazik was an eggplant sauce of aubergine and peppers which, once served to the table by our waiter, was then topped with butter sauce straight from the pan, by the chef; a nice touch I thought. The lamb was succulent and melted in the mouth and the flavours were plentiful and not overpowering at all. 

For dessert, we opted for Turkish rice pudding, which was so good, two bowls were ordered. Although my personal favourite was the home-made Baklava, soaked in honey but still fresh enough to have a crunch to it, this filo dessert perfectly complimented my traditional Turkish coffee.

An ideal place for a relaxed business lunch, Pasha is open from 12 noon Monday to Friday (just don’t have the Mousaka if you intend to work in the afternoon!) Alternatively, if you’re on the move or home late, Pasha also offers a takeaway service. Whichever you choose, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed, it is a real gem.