Bright Future Ahead for Oakgrove’s A Level Students

Posted 11th August 2021

Oakgrove’s students have achieved fantastic A Level and BTEC results, despite much change and uncertainty over the last two years. Their impressive grades have secured university places to study Medicine at King’s College, Accountancy at Nottingham, Business at York and Law with Politics at Manchester. Apprenticeships at companies, such as DHL have also been offered. 

Congratulating Oakgrove’s students on their determination to succeed and overcome the many challenges they have experienced, Headteacher Ian Tett said: 

“The drive, tenacity and commitment of our students has been outstanding. They adapted well to online learning and used the transferrable competences of independent studying, that are encouraged in Oakgrove’s sixth form, to complete a combination of coursework, mock exams and essays. 

“Teaching staff provided continual support and demonstrated fairness in deciding grades on students’ knowledge, understanding and skills across each subject. The school also ensured that consistent assessments were made and that exam board measures were met, which included the submission of student work samples. 

“Oakgrove is a school that strives to provide a unique and personal learning experience, with many extra-curricular opportunities, which are designed to enable students to develop their life skills and grow into well rounded and responsible individuals. 

“We wish them continued accomplishment in their future endeavours.”