Buckinghamshire Author Hosts Charity Led Book Launch Supported by the Mayoress of Milton Keynes

Posted 14th February 2024

A mum of three from Buckinghamshire, is staging a book launch and raising money for local charity Harry’s Rainbow with the support of the Mayoress of Milton Keynes, Mandy Legg.

The event, which will also be attended by business and thought leaders from across the UK, is taking place on Thursday 29th February at Sultans in the theatre district of the city.

48-year-old Clare Deacon, an expert in positive psychology and personal growth, has written her transformational and motivational book Blooming Happya after losing her husband and ‘Superman’ Dave, to an unexpected heart attack in October 2016.

After initially feeling bereft and broken at his passing, Clare turned to local charity Harry’s Rainbow for support as they help children who have experienced bereavement. Thanks to their guidance, Clare was able to think more clearly about their future as a family and it led her to re-train and launch her own business and has since embarked on a mission to escape from generational trauma whilst finding her happya®.

Now through her book, which has become an Amazon number one bestseller, she is inviting readers to embark on a similar journey of self-discovery and transformation. Clare hopes others are also able to uncover a life full of clarity, purpose, and joy, with a lasting and enriched sense of well-being for themselves.

With empathy and wisdom, Blooming Happya offers guidance and actionable steps to help others walk away from trauma and limiting beliefs to find their true selves.

Author Clare Deacon says, “Being able to hold a launch for my book Blooming Happya with proceeds going to Harry’s Rainbow, means the world to me. The charity was there for us when we needed it most, and I’m so happy to be able to give back in a small way to help showcase the incredible work they do to help others rebuild their lives after losing a loved one. Their support has been instrumental in me getting to where I am today, and subsequently writing my book, which I hope will help others live their best lives too.”

Throughout the nine chapters the reader is taken on a journey to get comfortable with change, armed with practical strategies to achieve an improved sense of well-being, and finally empowered to dream big.

By following the steps outlined in Blooming Happya, they will be able to embrace each of the stages to eventually flourish and thrive as Clare herself has learned to do. Her mission is to spread the word of what is possible when embracing a truly happya® life.

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