Carey Pensions named the pensions provider of choice to the Federation of Fish Friers

Posted 29th December 2016

Milton Keynes, UK – As small business owners in the UK prepare to commence their employee pension auto-enrolment schemes, one firm has the endorsement of a very British group of individuals: the country’s Federation of Fish Friers. Carey Corporate Pensions Ltd, based in Milton Keynes, is thrilled and honoured to be the pensions provider that the chippies trust most.

Since 1913, the Federation of Fish Friers has provided training, quality control and camaraderie to the best chip shops across the United Kingdom, and they don’t stand for poor service. Choosing an official pensions provider meant that they had to find a firm that provides quality services that their members can rely on and trust, and the employees can know that their savings for retirement is in safe hands.

“Business owners across the country are currently in the process of setting up workplace  pension schemes that they will auto-enrol  their employees into, and fish friers are no different,” says Christine Hallett, CEO of Carey Pensions Limited. “As the official pensions provider of the Federation of Fish Friers, we are happy to help and support every fish and chip company across the country however, small or big. I have learnt a lot about the science behind the best fish and chips and the importance of quality and standards in their industry, which is no different to our world of pensions, and why there were so many synergies for us to work with them and become their pensions partner.

It’s important to note that all business owners in the country are now (554,000) in 2017 (or soon) required to provide pension contributions to their employees, and they must automatically enrol all eligible staff in a scheme. By now individual companies have received staging dates and they must be compliant by this time or risk fines and other penalties.

Confused about the process? All business owners are advised to follow the lead of the fish friers and contact Carey Pensions today to get the support you need.