Council urges MK to get Bucks buzzing! Sign up online for a free packet of seeds to help bees…

Posted 30th May 2017

MK Council has joined forces with other Bucks councils to encourage people to help pollinating insects in this area and raise awareness.

Pollinators like bees and are in severe decline nationally yet they are vital to pollinate many different plants and crops across the world and in MK. 80% of all flowering plants are pollinated by insects.

The Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes Natural Environment Partnership (The “NEP”) has launched its 2017 “Bucks Buzzing” project to do just that.  The NEP is encouraging everyone to do something for pollinators in Buckinghamshire to help get “Bucks Buzzing” again.

Everyone can do something to help increase the number of bees and other pollinating insects including:

  • Building a bug hotel
  • Mowing less frequently
  • Allow hedges to flower
  • Leave a wild area in your garden
  • Grow wildflowers that attracts insects
  • Consider using less or no pesticides

MK Council has changed the frequency and timing of cutting rural grass verges allowing more flowers to grow and we’ve even had more unusual flowers like Bee Orchids appear alongside more common species. We’ve also put stickers on our landscaping equipment to remind users to check for hedgehogs.

Sign up online to get ideas on how to help wildlife and get a free packet of wildflower seeds. There’s also information, advice and guidance on how you can get involved, posters and certificates to download and you can share photos and tips from your own projects.

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