Denbigh’s Free STEM Lectures

Posted 14th January 2021

Denbigh’s Free STEM Lectures offer on-line learning for all MK students during lockdown.

Denbigh School is offering access to its free on-line STEM Lecture Programme to help support MK students’ learning during lockdown.   The Lecture Programme involves top academics and STEM Ambassadors from across the country talking about issues of the day in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths worlds.  One of the first lectures is on the topic of our time with a look at ‘Vaccines and the immune system in the fight against viruses’ led by Amy Napier, STEM Ambassador and Scientist at AstraZeneca, the company behind one of the COVID vaccines being used to fight the Pandemic.

Other lectures in the programme, which aims to build on GCSE and A Level programmes of study but are suitable for students of all ages are ‘Mountains and Magma’, ‘GA mice in Neuroscience research’ and ‘Icy Moons of the Solar System’.  The lecture on Icy Moons will be given by former Denbigh School student Rachael Hamp who is now an Astrobiology PhD student at the Open University.

The lectures are all delivered on-line and are released on the Denbigh School website at 9am each launch day for students to access at their convenience. They are approximately 45 minutes long.  Students can use the QR code for quick access or go on the School’s site at  Further information is available from

Denbigh’s Head of School, Dr Andrea Frame urged students across MK to take advantage of this excellent opportunity saying that ‘even in these challenging times of Lockdown when students are having to show resilience and adapt to different way of learning, we want to offer them the chance to extend their personal horizons and grow in self-confidence by challenging themselves through our innovative enrichment programme of which the STEM lecture programme plays a leading role’.

The programme for the lectures is as follows:

Date Lecture Date Lecture



Hay days: Meadow

Science for Biodiversity and Agriculture by Vicky Bowskill, from The Open University



The need for data literacy by Kabir Rab, STEM Ambassador & Co-Founder of Kids in Data





Vaccines and the immune system in the fight against viruses by Amy Napier, STEM

Ambassador & Scientist at AstraZeneca



Mountains and magma: a look inside the Himalaya by

Charlie Oldman, from

The Open University



Enceladus and other icy moons of the solar system by Rachael Hamp,

The Open University




The importance of


Holly Smith, STEM

Ambassador & the

University of Leeds



GA mice in neuroscience research by Dominic Simpson, from The

MRC Harwell Institute



Further details can be found on Denbigh School’s website