‘Dominic is a passionate, inspiring and increasingly influential voice,’ says Chris Packham

Posted 27th February 2024

Naturalist and broadcaster Chris Packham has congratulated Dominic Dyer on his selection as the Liberal Democrat Parliamentary candidate for the new seat of Buckingham and Bletchley.

Dominic, who has been a resident of Milton Keynes for more than two decades, has had a wide-ranging career working in the agriculture, food manufacturing, plant science and conservation sectors.

Unlike many conservationists, he became a wildlife protection and environment campaigner after a career in government and industry, using the skills he acquired in Whitehall, Brussels, and the corporate boardroom to fight for the protection of wildlife and nature at home and abroad.

Dominic was CEO of the Badger Trust from 2013 to 2020 and is currently Policy Advisor and Wildlife Advocate at the Born Free Foundation. He is also a Board member of Wildlife and Countryside Link.

“I must congratulate Dominic Dyer on being selected as one of the Parliamentary candidates in his home seat of Buckingham and Bletchley,” Chris said.

“Dominic is a passionate, inspiring and increasingly influential voice for protecting animals, wildlife and the natural world and we desperately need more people like him in Parliament.

“Recent polling carried out by the wildlife trusts from within their membership and the wider public found that 93% of people believe that destruction of nature and climate breakdown are serious threats to humanity and that these should be key priorities for the next government.”

Chris added: “I wish Dominic every success in engaging with voters on these critical issues and I trust his selection as a candidate will send a clear message to all political parties – that nature and biodiversity loss and the need to tackle water pollution and climate breakdown are crucial concerns that could swing millions of environmentally conscious voters at the next election.”

Speaking about his priorities as a Parliamentary candidate, Dominic said: “We need political change in this country and I believe the Liberal Democrats can help deliver it.

“I want to focus on three key issues; the cost of living crisis, the Environment and climate change crisis and the crisis of confidence in our political institutions and democracy.

“I will run a high-profile campaign that engages and inspires people of all ages, backgrounds and political views focusing on issues of both local and national concern – from protecting the future of the NHS to affordable housing, planning and transport infrastructure and protecting the environment.

“As the MP for this new seat I would like to give a high priority to protecting the environment through sustainable development, reducing waste and pollution, increasing recycling and promoting green spaces, wildlife and biodiversity protection.

“I want to create a more equal and fairer society by the construction of more affordable homes, improve public transport, help the most vulnerable who are struggling with the impact of the cost of living crisis, and expand community based services for physical and mental health and social care.

“With Bletchley Park in the constituency I also want to focus on the huge potential for Artificial Intelligence to create a sustainable future for humanity.”