Get baking for Willen Hospice

Posted 14th April 2020

The team at Willen Hospice is encouraging local people to get baking by taking part in their Great Willen Cake Off. The virtual contest aims to raise vital funds for the charity while people are at home.

The Cake Off runs from Thursday 9 April – Monday 20 April, and to get everyone inspired, the charity has teamed up with local author and baking blogger, Alix Carey from My Kitchen Drawer. Alix is known for her colourful bakes and will be creating videos sharing recipes and handy tips, which will be posted on the Willen Hospice Facebook page.

All people need to do is visit the Willen Hospice website and register to take part. There are two categories to choose from; Children and Adults (16+), and each baker will need to resist eating their goodies right away so they can snap a photo and send three words describing their bake, then it’ll be uploaded to Facebook for public voting. The bakes with the top three votes will then be judged by Alix, who will announce the lucky winner. All of the recipes will be included in an exclusive Willen Hospice e-book, sharing all of the fantastic recipes from the local community.

Willen Hospice are asking participants to set up an online sponsorship page to raise funds and support the Hospice during this difficult time. With all of their summer events postponed or cancelled, the Hospice are facing a huge fundraising gap, but they hope virtual events like this can soften the impact and also bring the community together.

Alix Carey, My Kitchen Drawer, said: “I’m so excited to be working alongside Willen Hospice, on The Great Willen Cake Off! My love for baking naturally means this is close to my heart, however on this occasion it is much more important to me that this event will further recognise the incredible work that Willen Hospice do to help and care those in need”

Dawn Clark, Challenges Fundraiser, said: “Our Great Willen Cake off is a great opportunity to show off your baking skills or if you are a novice baker like me, learn new skills and at the same time and support Willen Hospice. I have followed Alix at My Kitchen Drawer for some time and her baking ideas have inspired me to pick up my wooden spoon and get involved. Please come together as our local community and support Willen Hospice in this fun and inventive way.”

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