IMServ Expands into the Netherlands

Posted 22nd October 2020

Leading UK energy data collection and metering company IMServ has entered into the Dutch energy metering and data market this month.

The company announced its arrival into the Dutch market this week after receiving an ISO9001 accreditation to operate there. This means that IMServ Netherlands is now officially operating as one of the country’s Meetverantwoordelijke (Meter Responsible Parties) and can provide electricity metering and data services to companies across the Netherlands. The IMServ Netherlands office is located in Hoofddorp.

IMServ’s UK operation has over 25 years of experience and operates from its HQ in Milton Keynes. Clients include energy suppliers and some of the largest companies in the UK.

IMServ MD Steve Brown said he was delighted to announce the company’s expansion overseas.

“It has been a long held ambition of mine to take IMServ into new territories, and the Netherlands is an exciting market. I believe IMServ Netherlands has the opportunity to truly add value to its customers through excellent service and innovative data visualisation.”

IMServ Netherlands Head of Sales Jos Wessels added.

”I am excited about the positive feedback our entrance in the Dutch market has generated. Our message is simple – our data service can be the foundation for practically all energy saving initiatives.”