IMServ teams up with United Living and Pozitive Energy to deliver the UK’s first SMETS2 Smart Metering New Connections to 139 new apartments in Milton Keynes

Posted 1st November 2019

IMServ, one of the UK’s leading independent Smart Meter installers and data collectors, has successfully delivered 139 SMETS2 Smart Metering New Connections in Milton Keynes for United Living and their energy provider Pozitive Energy.

Solstice Apartments, on Silbury Boulevard in Central Milton Keynes, is a contemporary housing development, which has seen former office space converted into brand new one and two bedroom apartments for private rental. The residential development, which supports the wider social regeneration strategy in Milton Keynes, adds 139 high-specification apartments to the area. This not only enhances the residential market, but also benefits the local community, with the addition of two retail units on the ground floor, as well as landscaped gardens and communal areas.

IMServ has worked closely with the principal contractor, United Living, to provide a seamless installation programme of 2nd generation Smart Metering, which not only powers each apartment, but also connects each and every customer within the apartments to the UK’s Smart DCC (Data Communication Company) organisation.

The SMETS2 Smart Meters enable the end-customer and supplier to benefit from accurate Half-Hourly consumption data, which in turn empowers competitive tariffs with energy providers, and enriches Smart connectivity within the home. Additionally, the SMETS2 meters support faster switching with energy providers, and eliminate the requirement to retrieve and send manual meter readings.

Pozitive Energy, a fast-growing, independent UK energy provider, appointed IMServ as the Smart Meter Operator, to undertake the installations and work diligently with United Living to deliver on the programme.
“IMServ has a proven track record when it comes to providing multi-utility solutions for our customers. Solstice Apartments was a comprehensive joint venture, both commercially and operationally, which required clear planning and communication with United Living from the outset.

Through collaboration with United Living and their partners, we quickly identified the developer requirements and worked closely to deliver on their needs.

The programme of installations was conducted over two phases and completed on time. This is a real benchmark for IMServ and Pozitive Energy, which clearly demonstrates our commitment to smart metering and our ability to deliver it en masse. It was a pleasure working with United Living and we look forward to partnering again in the future”, Joe Wetherall – Client Manager at IMServ Europe.

“Great to be involved with one of the first cutting-edge smart meter installations” Richard Baker – Regional Director, United Living

The three quarter acre site, which is due for completion in early 2020, brings brand new rental apartments to the heart of Milton Keynes from Grainger Plc – the UK’s largest listed residential landlord. Future residents will not only benefit from modern one or two bedroom apartments, but will also be able to take full advantage of excellent transport links, shopping amenities and restaurants right on their doorstep. The Smart Metering installed will integrate with Home Area Networks (HAN), which can be paired with In-Home-Displays or other smart-enabled devices and applications.