‘just four simple clicks away from a purchase’

Posted 12th September 2021

I’m planning ahead. This year, for me, is a write-off from the perspective of booking a foreign holiday but next year (I hope) will be different as travel restrictions ease further and once more we can have our pick of our holiday destinations.

With that in mind, I am already looking for new clothes for my staycation and to refresh my wardrobe in readiness for my new hybrid working week both in the office and at home. 

I am on the hunt for something different to the usual menswear offer of the leading brands. Clothing that feels and looks different to that available in the mainstream stores but that will also give me a sustainable lifestyle.

“Try Savvy Clothing,” a friend advises. “I visit the website regularly – it’s one of the easiest I’ve used.”

He is not wrong. Key in www.savvyclothing.co.uk and you are straight into a lovely, clear, easy to navigate site on which you can click your choice of pages. I go straight to ‘Shop’ and browse the new collection of smart casual menswear on sale. Perfect for holiday plans, work and, more immediately, evenings out in a restaurant, pub or the theatre or cinema. The cotton stretch Oxford shirt and organic cotton polo shirts catch my eye, as does a short-sleeved tropical print vacation shirt in navy and cream.

I plump for a long-sleeved Oxford shirt, light blue, at £38 with free delivery anywhere in the UK. Select the size – there is a very helpful guide to exactly what each available size relates to – and we are just four simple clicks away from a purchase. Delivery method: Check. Payment: Made. Review and place order: Done.

It is so refreshing to find a site that does as efficiently as possible what the customer wants rather than side track with offers, loyalty discounts and so on. I visit a website for a specific purpose and Savvy Clothing welcomes me to buy what I want to buy and leave.

Savvy Clothing was founded and is owned by a team with years of experience working with leading menswear brands in the UK and gives you the reassurance that the products on offer have been created from source. They guarantee exceptional quality and a look that fits into a sustainable lifestyle. 

Savvy Clothing believes in being ethical, responsible, and eco-friendly. It uses a reliable network of sustainable suppliers who craft every product in a safe ethical manner with minimal environmental impact. 

>> Take a look for yourself at www.savvyclothing.co.uk