Klood Digital to advise local businesses on turning websites into revenue generators

Posted 9th February 2017

Getting a true return on investment from a website isn’t just about increasing the number of visitors – it’s about driving the right traffic, knowing what to do with it and turning it into paying customers.

Klood Digital, a digital marketing agency based in Milton Keynes, is inviting small business owners and marketers to learn more about this topic at the second of their Klood Bytes events, Turning Website Visitors into Revenue, on Thursday 23 February at 6.30pm.

This free-to-attend event is being hosted at Klood’s bespoke on-site Academy, and will provide guests with the digital skills needed to grow their organisation’s online presence and turn visitors into customers. Topics covered on the night will include customer personas, driving the right traffic to your website, turning those visitors into revenue, technologies, trends and conversion rate optimisation.

This valuable advice will be provided by guest speaker Paddy Moogan (co-founder of Aira) and Klood Digital’s Head of Inbound Marketing, Trevor Nicholls.

Klood Bytes offers guests the opportunity to hear from experts in the industry, learning skills that can be used day-to-day back in their organisation, as well as offering a valuable networking opportunity with local small business owners and marketers.

Matthew Kay, Head of Digital at Klood, said: “ Many companies look at website visitor numbers as a solid indication of how well they are performing, but it’s not that straightforward. Seeing your traffic go up each month is all well and good, but what if it’s not leading to an increase in customers or revenue?

“Our bi-monthly Klood Bytes events are designed to focus on and discuss current issues in digital marketing, and help companies and marketers identify what’s going wrong and improve it. This particular subject is one that our clients consistently tell us is high up their issues list, so it is fitting for it to be our first topic of 2017.”

Spaces are limited, so to find out more and book a place for the event, please visit