Mark Lancaster Visits MK University Hospital

Posted 20th April 2017

Growth & Investment at MKUH

A tour of the MK University Hospital grounds with CEO Joe Harrison gave me an opportunity to see the major developments on the estate.

Currently undergoing major construction, the hospital is preparing to manage the rapid growth of the population in Milton Keynes. This will have a very positive influence on the level of care and services currently provided.  Evidence enough was a visit to the newly purpose built ward which has had an immediate impact, not only on the patients but also on the nursing staff.

The continuing expansion has also put a strain on the current parking arrangements and so in November the hospital will see the completion of a new car park for a further 120 cars.

Recognised as one of the top 25 hospitals in the country, attracting outstanding clinicians and encouraging positive feedback from the medical students at the new training facility, we are continuing to pursue excellence.
Last month the Council agreed to contribute £10m from developer funds to build a new cancer unit on the hospital site.

I have always been consistent in the view that MKUH has a bright future. With approximately £60 million of investment over the next three years, the hospital is going from strength to strength and keeping up with local demand. By providing all cancer services under one roof, the new centre would do much to improve cancer patient experience and build on the government’s commitment to ensure that by 2020, everyone urgently referred with a suspicion of cancer will receive either a definitive diagnosis or the all-clear within four weeks.