Milton Keynes College rolls out new A Level courses

Posted 6th September 2023

Milton Keynes College proudly unveils its new A Level programs for students aged 16-18, with classes beginning in September 2024. Interested candidates can submit their applications starting today, 6th September 2023.

The College presents four tailored A Level pathways to address Milton Keynes’ unique skill demands:

  • Green Pathway: Focusing on Environmental Science and Law.
  • Digital Pathway: Concentrated on Computer Science and Business.
  • Creative Pathway: Encompassing Media Studies and English Language & Literature.
  • Social Sciences Pathway: Featuring Psychology and Sociology.

Moreover, students will have the option to enhance these pathways with an additional A Level from choices like Maths, Business, Psychology, or English Language and Literature.

There are 100 places for A Level students for the 2024/25 academic session, with a 25-student intake per pathway. Classes will be delivered at the College’s Chaffron Way campus.

Sally Alexander, the CEO and Group Principal of Milton Keynes College Group, expressed, “We’re thrilled about introducing our innovative A Level pathways in 2024. Students at Milton Keynes College will experience an optimal blend of rigorous academic curriculum within a vibrant college setting.”

She further commented on the evolving educational landscape for 16-18 year olds. “Anticipated tight spaces for A Level students in our expanding city over the next few years underline the importance of our centrally located A Level offerings. Additionally, forthcoming shifts in course funding mean that A Levels offered will complement select vocational subjects from 2025 onwards.”

Alexander emphasised the college’s student-focused approach: “Our pathways are crafted keeping the students’ future goals in perspective. With a significant number of our students gaining university admission last academic year, we’re poised to support similar ambitions. For those aiming for direct employment post A Levels, our pathways are in sync with Milton Keynes’ employment demands.”

Collaboration with local schools is also part of the college’s initiative. Alexander added, “By aligning our entry criteria with schools, we ensure our courses cater to those poised for success. This is an exhilarating phase for us, and we look forward to welcoming prospective students.”

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