Milton Keynes Museum asks supporters to get social during lockdown

Posted 6th April 2020

History comes alive at Milton Keynes Museum, but while the global pandemic has forced the history hub to temporarily close its doors, it is still staying connected – by showing some of its many ‘treasures’ online.

The museum is sharing an image of one of its many artefacts through its social media platforms each day.

It is a chance to learn more about the history on your doorstep without leaving your home.

People have been messaging us to say how much they miss visiting the museum, and this is a great way to keep everyone engaged,” said museum director Bill Griffiths.

We are sharing pictures of some of our items that we don’t currently have on display, including some fantastic archaeological finds discovered here in Milton Keynes. We are also focusing on some of our most popular museum pieces, and asking our supporters to send in images of their memorable visits with us to help brighten our days.

The museum prides itself on being a hands-on history hub and while that obviously isn’t possible just now, we still want to be there for the community that supports us so well,” Bill added.

Milton Keynes Museum is also sharing mystery objects with its followers and asking them to decide what they were used for: “It’s a little bit of fun to keep young minds active while school is out!” Bill said.

This is an unusual and unsettling time for everyone. We can’t wait to open our doors again, but until then we are inviting everyone to come and be social with us online.”

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