Milton Keynes residents ‘sign up’ to a new community task

Posted 7th May 2020

A Parish Council in Milton Keynes is using exercise time during lockdown to get things all spick and span – and there are signs of success everywhere!

David Stabler, a councillor with Great Linford Parish Council (GLPC), noticed some of the street signs were grey and grubby while taking his daily exercise, and decided to do something about it.

“Ordinarily The Parish Rangers would clean the signs during their work schedule, but they are busy helping with other community activities during these difficult times.

“The dirty signs didn’t promote a good image for the area, so I decided to give them a clean on my next session of exercise. It took less than 10 minutes to clean both sides!

“I thought it would make a good community challenge and used Facebook to ask others to get involved too. It’s an opportunity to take on a simple task while the lockdown continues and anyone can do it,” David said.

The so-called ‘Facebook Challenge’ struck a chord with other residents who also decided to get busy with the cleaning cloths. Individuals and families stepped up with soap and elbow grease, and now signs across the estate are bright and white again.

“Taking your exercise time during lockdown is essential for a healthy mind and body. If you can scrub up a little part of the neighbourhood at the same time, you’ll get an added sense of achievement,” he said.

David hopes that when the lockdown eases, the cleaning will continue.

“The response has been magnificent and we now have all ages taking part; from small children to grandparents,” he said, “It is wonderful to have the youngsters involved – hopefully they will grow up caring for their community spaces too. What a great legacy that will be.

“Sign cleaning is a small task, but makes a big difference – when people see things being cared for, it encourages them to take pride in the area too, which fits perfectly with the Great Linford Parish Council motto; Great Locality Proud Community,” he added.