Namji founder helps you to spice up your life!

Posted 30th May 2023

The founder of Milton Keynes’ award-winning restaurant Namji is sharing the secrets of her spicy success on a new YouTube channel.

Naseem Khan, who won the coveted Curry Queen of the Year accolade at the 2022 Asian Food & Restaurant Awards, wants everyone to know how to cook mouth-watering Punjabi fare at home.

“I get asked about our recipes so often at the restaurants and decided to share the skills I learned with everyone online. It’s wonderful that people love my restaurants, but great food shouldn’t be limited to nights out,” she said, “With a little learning, it can be an everyday thing!”

Through the channel – Namji’s Kitchen – Naseem will teach people how to make authentic cuisine.

“Great food starts with the basics,” she said, “Many people have this perception that it’s difficult to even deal with the basics of making things like rice and chapatis. I want to show that’s not the case. “I wasn’t born with the skills I have now – my mother Munawar Sultana was responsible for my knowledge and many of the tips and tricks that I use.

“Launching the channel is a tribute to her too – by sharing her skills with everyone, her legacy continues.”

Naseem opened her first award-winning Namji restaurant in 2017 in Wolverton. A second branch, in Xscape in CMK, followed in 2021.

She is keen that her YouTube channel is your easy access portal for learning: “The point of the channel is I want to teach people what they want to learn. If you have a question, a query or a recipe that you want to master, please let me know in the comments section of the channel.

“Every week I will do my best to answer, and show you a different recipe.”

You might be a novice in the kitchen just now, but Naseem is confident she’ll have you cooking up a storm in next to no time!

“Turn on my YouTube channel, and I’ll soon have you turning up the heat in the kitchen!” she promised.

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