Nearly 40 years on, artist returns to check on her cow creations!

Posted 26th January 2017

The artist responsible for creating Milton Keynes’ most famous residents returned to check on her work earlier this month.

Canadian artist Liz Leyh was in town for a forthcoming film being made by the BBC and Open University, and looked in on her most famous of sculptures, the concrete cows at Milton Keynes Museum.

Liz created the cows in 1978 while working as artist in residence at Stacey Hill Farm, which is now the home of the museum.

While there, Liz took a tour of the history hub, which included her old sitting room and working studio, now used as the toy room and old schoolroom respectively.

Liz said the museum was amazing, and with the museum expansion beginning, things will be even more stunning the next time she visits!