Oakgrove and Brooklands unite for community litter picks next week

Posted 21st August 2023

After a brief summer hiatus, Broughton Ward’s community clean-ups return, aiming to beautify the neighborhoods and foster unity among residents.

Residents of Oakgrove and Brooklands, mark your calendars for Saturday, 26 August! The popular community litter picks are back, with Oakgrove’s clean-up scheduled for the morning and Brooklands’ in the afternoon.

Under the stewardship of Broughton ward councillors Uroy Clarke, Sam Crooks, and Kerrie Bradburn, these events have transformed the areas, removing waste while connecting neighbors in a common purpose. The councillors now extend an invitation to even more residents to join in and bolster this community initiative.

The events promise to be family-friendly, ensuring that participants of all ages can join in the environmental action. All necessary equipment—including litter pickers, gloves, and hi-vis jackets—will be provided.

The Broughton ward Focus team, pioneers of this initiative since 2021, host these litter picks on the last Saturday of every month. Their past successes include gathering as many as 13 bags of litter in a single event.

Councillor Uroy Clarke, the principal organiser for the Oakgrove picks, emphasised the wider impact of the initiative, stating, “Litter picks aren’t just about cleaning up; they’re instrumental in bringing the community together. Every month, I eagerly anticipate these events and the chance to reconnect with residents.”

Adding to the sentiment, Councillor Sam Crooks remarked on the environmental significance, noting, “During these clean-ups, we frequently come across coffee cups, plastic bottles, and food wrappers. These not only mar the beauty of our surroundings but pose a threat to local wildlife. Our efforts ensure that animals remain unharmed.”

For those considering joining, Councillor Kerrie Bradburn invites all, saying, “It’s more than just a clean-up; it’s an opportunity to engage with fellow residents, converse with your ward councillors, and make a tangible difference to our neighborhood.”

Details of the litter picks in Broughton can be found below:

Oakgrove – Saturday 26 August at 10.30am meeting outside Costa.

Brooklands – Saturday 26 August at 2pm meeting outside the Pavilion.

Residents in Milton Keynes can get hold of free litter pickers through their local parish, community, and town councils. You can find out more here.