On The Shoulders of Giants

Posted 6th March 2018

On the shoulders of giants photography exhibitionSo here is the background, I am Anthony Young a Milton Keynes based photographer and Arts Gateway residence I have recently created a photographic project on African Caribbean Elders living in Milton Keynes.  

I am delighted to have been invited to present the exhibition “On The Shoulders Of Giants” to The Old Bath House. From the 1st to 31st March 2018, giving visitors to the Old Bath House the opportunity to meet the artist and find out what inspired this body of work.  

It’s a body of work capturing the stories of elder members of the MK community. Namely African and Caribbean background. With much of current world events being echoes of the past, there is a lot we can learn from those that participated in the project. It is an Opportunity for sharing with future generations and new arrivals, on how to best welcome new people into our communities and build a positive experience for all. 

It was a pleasure to have exhibited this body of work in October of last year at Church of Christ the Cornerstone. And having visited The Old Bath House several times over the past year, and seen how well it is valued by the local community and the various community groups that call it home.  

With some of the subjects photographed being part of that community in various forms, I feel in some way that the exhibition is coming home.

Please take a moment out of your day and view the images exhibited.  

I have a question for all those coming to viewing this exhibition,  

What Does Community Mean to You ? 

On The Shoulders of Giants 

At The Old Bath House from 1st to 31st March 2018

205 Stratford Road


Milton Keynes

MK12 5RL