Planting more trees…

Posted 16th April 2021

Why should we plant more trees and how can we get involved locally?

Drawing down and storing carbon dioxide                 

  • Trees grow by absorbing and storing carbon dioxide. Did you know that a mature oak tree may absorb as much as a ton of carbon over its lifetime? So over the long term, trees are effective at drawing down some of the excess carbon dioxide that human society has put into the atmosphere by burning fossil fuels. We just need to plant a lot more of them.
  • We are very lucky in MK to already have more than 22 million trees planted throughout the borough. This means there is already a lot of carbon being stored by trees in MK. However, we can do more locally.

Improving mental health   

  • Numerous studies have now shown that there are significant benefits to our mental health derived from getting out in nature and in particular among trees. For example hospital patients recover more quickly from operations when they can see nature from their hospital window.
  • We are very lucky in MK a city where nobody lives more than ½ mile from green spaces. 
  • Make the most of the opportunity and get outside when you can.
  • Creating wildlife-friendly habitats                  
  • When a good mix of native tree species are planted in an area wildlife will thrive as a result. 
  • Native trees are homes to many species of insects and birds. Some of which are endangered or threatened.

How can you get involved?     

There is a local community group planting trees in MK, you can find them and get involved at

If you have ideas about how we could be living more sustainably in Milton Keynes in future, enter the Imagine MK 2030 competition that Transition Town MK is running with the support of MK Council’s sustainability team. The closing date for entries is 12 April 2021.

For more information, and to enter the competition, visit:                  

If you’d like to know more about Transition Town MK or any of our projects or partners, visit: or email us at: