Science of Vaping Tour officially opened by Milton Keynes’ Mayor

Posted 30th June 2017

The Mayor of Milton Keynes Cllr David Hopkins officially opened the ‘Science of Vaping Tour’ last Friday morning at the centre:mk, which aims to debunk the myths around e-cigarettes.

The Mayor said: ‘I’m absolutely delighted, ladies and gentlemen to support any initiative that not only reduces, but indeed eliminates cigarette smoking In the UK, this what this is doing, The studies and reports of public health seem to prove that this is very positive. So without further ado, I declare this initiative duly opened.’

The new initiative has been set-up in a bid to educate smokers about e-cigarettes in the face of growing evidence that the ‘95% less harmful’ message is not getting through to the public and government inaction is contributing to declining adoption of vaping products.

The Science of Vaping Tour includes a 10-day tobacco ‘Amnesty Shredder’ stunt in the Centre:MK and on Bletchley high street, which invites smokers in Milton Keynes to shred their cigarettes and commit to a 50-day smoke free challenge to align with the city’s 50th anniversary year.

Smokers who want to participate in the Science of Vaping Tour to find out more about e-cigarettes, are invited to receive information and vouchers from the Tour’s stand in Centre:MK (opposite Boots, on the boulevard between entrances 6 and 8) between 23 and 29 June or on Bletchley high street (at The Brunel Centre Market) between 30 June and 1 July.

Smokers looking for professional support to quit tobacco can find their local stop-smoking service by visiting the NHS website.