Supporting Aspiring Choreographers and Dancers in Milton Keynes: Launch of the Helen Parlor Dance Bursary

Posted 20th March 2024

Milton Keynes has unveiled a thrilling opportunity for dancers and choreographers, with the commencement of applications for the Helen Parlor Dance Bursary. Established to commemorate the legacy of the esteemed dance advocate Helen Parlor, this bursary is designed to offer crucial support and resources to burgeoning talents within the local dance community.

Open to residents and workers of Milton Keynes, the Helen Parlor Dance Bursary aims to prioritise individuals rooted in the city, though applications from those proposing to engage in dance-related activities within MK will also be considered. While funding rounds are anticipated to be open and un-themed, they may occasionally align with significant city celebrations, such as hosting world-class sporting events or commemorating milestones like MK’s birthday.

Applicants, regardless of age or background, may be dancers or choreographers. Submissions for the bursary will be evaluated based on criteria including residency and work in MK, demonstration of career progression in dance, and experience performing outside of Milton Keynes.

The Helen Parlor Dance Bursary is a collaborative initiative between MOTUS and the MK Community Foundation, supported by the MK City Council. It endeavours to carry forward Helen’s legacy of nurturing talent and fostering creativity within Milton Keynes’ dance scene.

Interested dancers and choreographers are encouraged to apply for the bursary, which will provide financial aid, mentorship opportunities, and access to training programs. Applications will open in spring 2024, offering individuals the chance to hone their skills and pursue their dance aspirations. Those interested in applying for the bursary more information can be found here :

“The launch of the Helen Parlor Dance Bursary represents a significant milestone in honouring Helen’s memory and continuing her legacy of supporting the arts in Milton Keynes,” said Lucy Davies, Chair at MOTUS. “We are thrilled to provide this opportunity for aspiring dancers and choreographers to further their careers and leave a lasting impact on the local dance community.”

About Helen and Supporting Partners
Helen Parlor was a beloved member of the dance community in Milton Keynes, renowned for her dedication to nurturing talent and passion for the arts. She remains a guiding light for dancers and choreographers, inspiring them to pursue their dreams and create a positive impact through their art. Meanwhile, MOTUS, the dance company she co-founded, continues to be a leading organisation in Milton Keynes, committed to advancing dance as a form of artistic expression and community engagement. They work tirelessly to empower dancers at all stages of their careers, including initiatives like the Helen Parlor Dance Bursary. Teaming up with the MK Community Foundation, a charitable organisation focused on improving lives in Milton Keynes, they aim to enhance the city’s cultural scene and provide avenues for development and progress through programs such as this.