Thornton Students Excel in GCSE Results

Posted 25th August 2023

Thornton students shine bright with stellar GCSE results amidst the widely discussed grading changes this year.

Students at Thornton have once again showcased their brilliance with impressive GCSE results, with more than a third obtaining grades between 9 and 7 (equivalent to the old A** to A grades). On top of these GCSE achievements, students have also done splendidly in their Higher Project Qualifications, with all students attaining between A* and C and over half securing A* to A.

Breaking down the results:

  • 76% achieved grades 9-5
  • 55% secured grades 9-6
  • 33% celebrated grades 9-7
  • 19% accomplished grades 9-8
  • For the Higher Project Qualification: 60% achieved A*/A, and 100% attained A* to C.

The Head Teacher of Thornton, Louise Shaw, expressed her pride: “These commendable results are a testament to the dedication of our students, the unwavering support from their families, and the commitment of our faculty. Celebrating these results with the students and their families today has been nothing short of wonderful. Our best wishes also go out to our international students who could not be with us today. We eagerly await their return to Year 12.”

Family members echoed the same sentiment when collecting results. Amelie commented on her positive experience at Thornton, while her father shared the delight in seeing her flourish over the years. Similarly, Nia and Alana emphasised the support they felt from the school throughout their GCSE journey.

Other students, like Kene and Jess, underlined the invaluable role their teachers played in ensuring they felt prepared and confident. Jess’s mother fondly said, “Thornton has been the perfect school for her, aiding not just in academic achievements but also in character development.”

It’s evident that Thornton’s community-oriented approach has not only propelled students towards academic excellence but has also fostered growth, confidence, and character.