Unity Place: A Revolutionary Hub Opens in Milton Keynes

Posted 25th August 2023

September 2023 heralds the launch of Unity Place, the beacon of sustainable innovation and community-centric destination in Milton Keynes.

Milton Keynes, a city renowned for being the future’s blueprint, is poised to welcome Unity Place this September. This purpose-designed space marries community, business, and leisure while championing sustainability and a planetary ethos.

Mirroring the forward-thinking ethos of Milton Keynes, Unity Place is an inclusive destination designed with green principles at its core. Not only will it act as a cutting-edge workplace, but it’s also set to become a bustling hotspot for locals and visitors. Strategically positioned, it stands as the first sight for those departing Milton Keynes Central train station.

Ensconced in the city’s heart, Unity Place is geared to usher in a new era of business and attractions. Its design ethos, which prioritises sustainability and connectivity, has positioned it as a leading social enterprise beacon in the region. It will house events like Milton Keynes Pride and will broadcast significant sports and other momentous occasions.

Milton Keynes, often termed the ‘City of the Future,’ is a vital hub for innovative businesses in the UK. Its prime location connects it to significant business centres like Birmingham, Oxford, and London. Unity Place taps into this potential, poised to add vibrancy to the already dynamic city, attracting the younger generation seeking a delightful alternative to London life. This establishment pays homage to the local history, reflecting Milton Keynes’ spirit of innovation. The building boasts top-tier technology, ensuring optimal digital connectivity and accessibility for all patrons.

Unity Place prioritises the community of Milton Keynes. The Urban Food Market aims to collaborate with premier local street food vendors, offering a gourmet experience. Meanwhile, the Unity Sky Lounge promises breathtaking vistas and delectable food and drink choices, a one-of-a-kind experience in the city.

Brands featured in Unity Place

Community values are further accentuated through collaborations with businesses and social enterprises rooted in philanthropy. Among these partnerships are Change Please Coffee and Toast’s Microbrewery, both championing sustainability and positive societal impacts.

John Sisk & Son, the construction partner for Unity Place, has collaborated with Recycle Lives, emphasising the project’s commitment to community upliftment.

Unity Place stands as a testament to cooperative work. Not only will it house Santander UK’s new headquarters, but it will also feature x+why, a workspace championing environmental and social responsibility.

A representative for Unity Place remarked, “Unity Place is more than an architectural marvel; it’s a hub of inspiration, community, and innovation. It amalgamates renowned culinary ventures, social enterprises, business endeavours, wellness facilities, and top-tier event spaces. Milton Keynes, get ready for an unrivalled experience.”

Unity Place is set to open its doors in September 2023.