Posted 22nd May 2021

There’s no easier way to make a statement in your home than to introduce an interesting vase. Vases have the ability to update your look in an instant. Whether you choose an unusual shape, a collection of vases of different sizes or a bold pattern or colour; the right vase will instantly transform your space.

There are vintage vases, collectable vases, vases so sculptural they should be in an art gallery, any of which will bring texture, form and a focal point throughout the year with or without flowers and stems. They’re the perfect addition to any ledge, whether it’s a fireplace mantel, a corner of your hearth, an empty tabletop or shelf or the surface of a cabinet or sideboard.

Your entrance hall is the perfect place to start. An eye-catching design will provide a talking point as soon as guests walk through the door and set the scene for how you have styled the rest of your home. A windowsill or shoe cupboard will provide an excellent surface for a vase but if you do not have the space for a piece of furniture then consider an oversized, bottom-heavy vase, positioned on the floor. In the right situation, a large size vase can be just as impactful as a brightly coloured or patterned one.

In the living room, a small vase with a single stem looks great on a coffee table but be mindful of the rule of three and pair it with a pretty tray and a book or diffuser. This not only enhances the decorative effect but it also makes the arrangement look classy and well considered. Glass vases used anywhere within your home will add impact without detracting from the feeling of space. They’ll also bring a natural look to your interior.

In the kitchen, flowers will give the impression that your kitchen is fresh, clean and life sustaining! Seasonal flowers suggest that they’ve come straight from the garden or local florist but stems will last longer and need changing less frequently. In a traditional kitchen, flowers will always be pretty but in a modern kitchen, an architecturally styled stem might be all you need. The pretty, symmetrical leaves of the eucalyptus plant, make it a popular choice for clear vases in a more minimal interior. This arrangement is also great in dining rooms where a few slim stems in a clear vase will allow guests to see through the arrangement rather than having to look around it or talk over it.

Vases can be used to add height if a piece of furniture feels too low or is lacking in impact. Either use an elongated sculptural vase or select flowers or branches with tall stems. On a bookcase, a vase can add interest to a wall full of books and provide balance to offset the density of book covers standing side by side. 

Vases are both versatile and functional. They offer a way to dress a room without having to spend a lot. There are high street stores, supermarkets, garden centres and DIY chains all offering vases in many different styles to suit most interiors. Equally, there are high end retailers, antiques dealers and online specialists supplying unique and unusual pieces.

Whether you’re spending 50p or £55, displaying beautiful blooms or just jazzing up a mantelpiece, decorating with vases puts life into your home. With little effort, a striking vase or arrangement will add instant ambience, impact and interest. 

Rosie Kinsella

Interior Designer

01604 751262

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