Why Meryl is simply ‘Streeks’ ahead of the pack

Posted 18th February 2024

The magnificent Meryl Streek (Feb 24) was last at The Craufurd Arms a year or so ago, with an angry, articulate and awesome show, and it was clear from the intensity and quality of the material that the politically-outspoken avant garde punk chap was going to be a highlight of the year, even at that early stage. And so it proved to be.

We came away that night clutching a vinyl copy of his superb debut album 796 which is as brilliant and real as it is challenging. The pr blurb calls it ‘an emotionally volatile and heart-wrenching collection of cutting edge punk that pushes genre boundaries while traversing extremely challenging political subject matter with aplomb and vitriol,’ and frankly, we can’t better that.

Since his last visit to the new city, Meryl has been making friends and influencing people quicker than lies drop from politicians’ mouths. Exactly. He’s had a great year, including a tour with PiL, fronted of course by another outspoken chap, John Lydon.

If you want to catch a fella on the up and up, you won’t want to miss this.

Antarctic Monkeys do the tribute thing in the venue the same night and Monmouthshire trio Bug Club (Feb 29), will tell tales of the everyday that we often take for granted, shot through with humour and riffs-a-plenty.

Go get those tickets at thecraufurdarms.com