Willen Hospice gets quizzical!

Posted 5th May 2020

You can’t get to the local for your pub quiz fix, so Willen Hospice is bringing it to you!

Launched live on the charity’s Facebook page last Wednesday, the Midweek Pub Quiz proved so popular with players that it will now return every week during lockdown.

The quiz includes entertaining rounds covering something for everyone including general knowledge, music, films and sport. It’s easy to play, simply visit https://bit.ly/2Wa83ih at 7pm on Wednesday. There is no need to register, simply be on the page and wait for it to start.

For those who want to play along with team mates in other households, it’s easy to set up a Watch Party, or play via Zoom with one person sharing their screen. Full details of how to do this are on the Hospice website and Facebook event.

The quiz is just one of the ways the Hospice is responding to the shortfall it is facing in light of the Covid-19 crisis. With their usual summer fundraising postponed or cancelled and shops shut, the fundraising team is having to find alternative ways to raise money.

While the quiz is free to play, participants are encouraged to make a donation by text or on Facebook while they are playing.

Host Chris Gregg said: “We had such a blast last week and I’m so glad so many people tuned in and liked what they saw. There are lots of quizzes out there at the moment but we’ve tried to set ours apart by using film and music clips, a picture round, and other creative ways to ask questions instead of just reading them out. People can also interact by commenting and tagging friends on the Facebook feed. Not only that, I have a fantastic sequin jacket especially for the occasion!

“While the quiz is just for fun, the real win is that by playing and donating, people can help us to continue to care for patients who need us at what is the toughest time of their lives.”

Willen Hospice needs to raise £4.7M every year, that’s £9 every minute. To find out more about the Hospice and how it has been affected by Covid-19, visit www.willen-hospice.org.uk