Collaboration set to change the face of accountancy

Posted 1st February 2018

Two Biztech member companies have launched an exciting and unique new collaboration that is set to change the face of accountancy in Milton Keynes and beyond.

Business intelligence and data analysts Develin, and Chartered Accountants and Business Advisers Keens Shay Keens MK are both based in Central Milton Keynes, and see the enormous challenges and opportunities being posed by digital technologies.

Paul Clarke, of Develin, said: “New technology is threatening to take away some of traditional accountants’ main activities. It won’t be long before small companies that are simply interested in getting their returns done on time will be able to do that by using apps.

“Skilled accountants are much more than form-fillers and we believe that the use of data to help customers hone their business activities provides a way in which the entire accountancy profession will be moving in the future.”

Paul envisages his specialist company providing the data that accountants can hone on behalf of their clients to become more specialist financial advisers.

Liz Newell, Keens Shay Keens MK’s Partner, Auditing & Taxing, said: “Great accountants already provide much more than a once-a-year contact with their clients. We love spreadsheets and analysing data. We spot financial trends and can often see issues and opportunities for our clients.

“Our role as business advisers can only be enhanced by the use of targeted data. We are looking forward to working more closely with Develin to provide an enhanced service for our clients.

“I am not aware of any other accountants using data in this way to enhance their clients’ businesses. It is an exciting, future-focused and ground-breaking collaboration for us.”

Both Liz and Paul are members of Biztech technology forum. Biztech’s chairman, Fredi Nonyelu, said: “It is great to see Biztech members working together in this way, in an innovative and exciting collaboration.

“A key part of Biztech’s mission is for companies to work together for their mutual benefit, and also for the benefit of the Milton Keynes and SEMLEP region.” 

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