First Gigabit speed businesses now online in Milton Keynes

Posted 29th December 2016

CityFibre and its Milton Keynes launch partner dbfb has today announced that the first businesses are now connected to the Gigabit City networks and receiving some of the fastest internet services available. The partnership between CityFibre and dbfb has created a powerful alternative digital infrastructure for the city which can help businesses compete on a global scale.

CityFibre launched the network and the state-of-the-art services with dbfb in early July, and the first of the city’s businesses are already enjoying internet speeds up to 100 times faster than the UK average with download and upload speeds of up to 1 gigabit per second.

Rob Hamlin, Commercial Director, CityFibre said: “We’re delighted to announce the network is now live, and the first businesses are benefitting from ultra-fast connectivity. It’s no surprise that Milton Keynes, being such a forward-thinking city, is fully embracing this new opportunity. Businesses are now realising the benefits gigabit speeds provide and are launching into a new phase of growth.”

CityFibre’s 162km pure fibre network spans the entire city, from Old Wolverton, to Blakelands, to Redmoor and out to Caldecotte and Tilbrook, making gigabit internet speed available to over 2,700 businesses in Milton Keynes.

Services such as VoIP, remote storage and a new generation of cloud services are changing the way businesses operate, but connectivity is holding many businesses back. As demand for greater bandwidth continues to grow, those based in a Gigabit City like Milton Keynes have a huge technological advantage.  With pure fibre infrastructure at its heart, Milton Keynes has been transformed into one of the best connected cities on the planet, capable of supporting whatever digital requirements the future holds.

Brian Kingston, Managing Director, dbfb, said: “It is a huge milestone for dbfb and the wider business community in Milton Keynes’ to be turning on our first ‘Gigabit Businesses’. Our new services are bringing affordable, world-class connectivity within reach of thousands of companies, increasing their productivity and driving the bottom line.

“With more and more businesses in the city registering their interest in connecting to our network, it’s clear that Milton Keynes recognises the importance of having the very best in business connectivity. Don’t miss out, register your business today”

One customer says “Our company depends on fast, reliable connectivity and previously the only option available to us was a Leased Line. This gave us a symmetrical 30Mbps connection for around £750 per month. By opting to have a Gigabit connection from CityFibre, dbfb were able to offer speeds over 30 times faster and with a £250 per month saving! This will allow us to utilise more cloud services whilst saving a substantial amount over the next three years. It was great to work with a local company like dbfb who could give us the level of support we needed”

Cllr Rob Middleton, Cabinet Member, Resources and Innovation, Milton Keynes City Council added: “Switching on the first Gigabit speeds for businesses is great news for Milton Keynes and for our business community. We operate in a digital age and as a Gigabit City we could not be better positioned to take full advantage. Not only will businesses based in Milton Keynes be given a digital ‘head start’ but we are confident that this will provide yet another reason why businesses would want to establish themselves in Milton Keynes.”

As the network continues to be extended, businesses are urged to register their interest, with no obligation, at