Kickstart Scheme For Business In 2021

Posted 8th January 2021

Get Staffed are providing a free and secure gateway to access government funding, helping businesses to secure a £1,500 grant and a six month funded work placement, for free.

Bedfordshire based online recruitment specialist Get Staffed are proud to announce their participation in new government scheme to become a Kickstart Gateway; an organisation to represent small businesses and employers, accessingwork placements for young talent and training them for future employment. 

The Kickstart Scheme allows businesses to help young people (aged 16-24) who are currently on universal credit to develop the skills and experiences needed to find work via valuable 6-month  placements on a 25 hour-per week contract. The government will fund 100% of every placement; 25 hours per week at Minimum/National Living Wage (pending employee age), plus employer National Insurance and pension contributions, meaning the schemes are 100% cost neutral to employers. In addition to this, the government will give the employer a £1,500 grant to cover the cost of training and employability support.

Larger employers who can offer more than 30 work placements can apply directly through the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). However, smaller businesses applying for 29 or less placements can only access this scheme through a Kickstart Gateway, such as Get Staffed. 

Director of Get Staffed, Matt Cooper comments; “Here at Get Staffed, we take pride in getting you the right candidates to fit in with your business, without the fuss and bother of standard ‘agency practice’. With the latest Kickstart candidates starting new roles this month, now is a great time for local companies to take advantage of this scheme and grow their way out of the pandemic, offering local young individuals the opportunity to learn, at zero cost to the employer. As an added bonus, employers receive a £1,500 grant – I’d urge local companies to get in touch now to get started.”

Rishi Sunak, Chancellor of the Exchequer says; “Our country’s future will be built by the next generation, so it’s vital that we harness the talent of young people as we rebuild from the pandemic. But this isn’t just about kickstarting our economy, we’re giving opportunity and hope to thousands of young people, kickstarting their careers and offering them a brighter future.”

By partaking in a Kickstart Job Scheme, businesses will not only gain access to free young talent (to train for possible future permanent roles), but give young people a chance to gain valuable skills and work experience through meaningful job placements. Having been hit particularly hard by the recent disruption to the job market, taking a Kickstart Job placement will help a whole generation to get back on their feet. 

Businesses can get started by applying through Get Staffed’s secure gateway and providing just a few details on the company and roles they plan to offer. Get Staffed will then manage the entire process, at no cost to business as they are funded directly by the government.