Oakgrove Students Celebrate Historic GCSE Success

Posted 25th August 2023

Students from Oakgrove School have set a new record, receiving the most impressive GCSE results in the school’s illustrious history. Achieving this remarkable feat, especially after the reintroduction of the pre-Covid examination system, has further amplified the accomplishment.

Throughout this challenging academic year, the resilience and tenacity of the students shone brightly, as they navigated the pressures of these significant exams. Their efforts have clearly borne fruit, resulting in an unprecedented success rate that the school community takes immense pride in.

Mr. Ian Tett, Oakgrove’s headteacher, expressed his admiration for this outstanding year group and commented on the monumental achievement. “These fantastic GCSE results are a testament to the unwavering commitment and perseverance of both our dedicated staff and diligent students,” Tett stated. He further added, “Such accolades not only provide a strong foundation for our students’ future academic endeavours but also pave the way for them to delve into a plethora of exciting opportunities. This includes joining our esteemed Sixth Form.”

Oakgrove School has always been committed to nurturing its students to achieve their best potential. This year’s results are a clear indication that, even when faced with challenges, the school’s ethos remains unshaken and continues to inspire success.

With such a triumphant conclusion to their GCSE journey, the sky’s the limit for these students. As they embark on the next phase of their educational journey, Oakgrove School eagerly anticipates the myriad of future successes its alumni are destined to accomplish.