Local Gym Offers Free Membership

Posted 1st December 2020

Local gym offers free memberships to help get people in MK back on track with their health and fitness.

With the great news that gyms, fitness facilities and sporting activities may recommence and re open their doors on Wednesday next week, providing some much needed pre Christmas cheer, one gym, energie Fitness based in Kiln Farm, is going one step further to bring a smile to Milton Keynes residents faces……. By offering the opportunity for a FREE membership and FREE access to their club through out December.

Owner Rob Francis tells us, “We, like many businesses in the leisure and sports industry, have been very badly hit by this pandemic. I don’t mind sharing that its meant that we have suffered a huge amount of lost revenue and income, whilst we are still charged rents and costs by our land lords. Through out both lock downs our gym has been almost unique amongst the industry by continuing to operate, all be it entirely on line and outdoors in a one to one capacity.

We have led the way within our energie network in providing amazing on line classes, talks, seminars and fun social activities for our members. We have been so successful that we were asked to talk about how we have operated and how we managed to provide incredible support to our members through out lock down, by international fitness franchise owners, and big organisations including Gym Pass as well as our own network.

We are incredibly proud of all that we achieved through these two lock downs despite our doors being physically closed. But we are also incredibly aware of how tough this lock down has been for everyone.”

Claire, Robs partner and co owner of energie Fitness continues, “We have seen how badly peoples’ mental and physical health has been adversely effected by the two lock downs. Even with all the fun activities, classes, challenges, talks, charity events and socials that we have provided for our members we have seen first hand how uncertainty, physical isolation and financial worries have seriously effected some individuals. This increased stress and our role in supporting our members prompted me to get qualified as a Mental Health First Aider. We recognise the fact that our health and wellbeing is as much about our mental health as our physical fitness and the two are inextricably linked.

It’s safe to say that 2020 has been the hardest year in living memory for so many people. So we want to give a gift to cheer people up at the end of the year. We also hope that it will get them up, active and motivated ahead of going into 2021.”

Rob says, ”Its so important that we go into 2021 with a renewed optimism and reason to feel cheerful. Taking back control of your own physical and mental well being through regular exercise, great social engagement and outdoor activity is the best way to boost your mood and to ensure that you start the new year in the best way possible.”

To find out more about the opportunity to get a free energie Fitness gym membership in December and to find out the terms and conditions, call 01908 410760 or email Milton.keynes@energiefitness.com