Stand and deliver at the Milton Keynes Museum History Festival

Posted 30th April 2024

The return of the MK Museum History Festival this May promises to be a colourful, lively, engaging weekend, walking you through the past and letting you get closer to our ancestors who were living, working, fighting and playing during key periods in this area’s history.

Milton Keynes Museum takes history off the page and brings it to life at this fascinating, family-friendly event.

Want to understand more about military and civilian life for the native iron age tribes of Britain and the Roman Empire? The Vicus Romans can help with that. Roman traders will be selling their wares too. And you can pay by the most modern of means!

Meet the Chanz des Reis, who will take you back to civilian, military and religious life in the High Medieval age – from the reign of King William the Conqueror to King Henry III.

English Civil War re-enactment group Lord Robartes Regiment of Foote will attend, while the Redcoats and Revolutionaries – or Reds and Revs to their friends – focus on the American War of Independence, from both the British and American perspectives.

If you step off the beaten track while on your visit to the Museum, keep your wits about you – Highwaymen will be looking for easy targets to strip of their cash and riches. You’ve been warned!

Re-enactors will be entertaining across the site all weekend, and taking turns to give demonstrations in the ever popular arena.

The not-too-distant history gets a look in too, with the banner waving suffragettes fighting for the right to vote – and they need your support.

Aside from watching the action and interacting with those faces from our history, youngsters can get hands-on with activities including mosaic making and sandbox digging.

All the Museum’s usual attractions will be open too; you will be able to enjoy parlour games, browse in the street of shops, and discover more about the history of communication and transport.

If hunger bites, bite back with a visit to the Granary Tea Room with its affordable, tempting variety of hot and cold sandwiches and sweet treats, and the best cakes for miles around.

The Museum will be open 10.30am-4.30pm

Standard admission prices apply – which will also give you FREE entry for the following 12 months.

For more information visit