Mark Lancaster, MP for Milton Keynes North meets the organisers of Herd About MK

Posted 29th December 2016

Pursuing Excellence

Good news is always worth repeating and I couldn’t be more delighted to share the incredible efforts made by MKU Hospital.  They’ve achieved an upgraded rating of “Good” in the recent CQC report.

Rating of good for MKU Hospital
MKU Hospital achieved an upgraded rating of “Good” in the recent CQC report

This news comes amidst many other positive developments in the last two years.

Becoming a University hospital will encourage and retain the very best doctors and nurses to MK, the building of the new cancer unit will provide focussed support for patients and the new 20 bed ward will be open in the New Year. These are just some of the major achievements enabling the hospital and its 4,000 staff to work towards reaching the highest standards possible.

The hospital will continue to have my full support and I congratulate all the team on their tremendous efforts.

MK’s 50th Birthday is going to be Moomentus!

We are synonymous for our concrete cows and what better way to celebrate our 50th birthday next year than to parade fifty life-size cows at well-known landmarks around the city!

Herd About MK are inviting the 50 new residents to graze in Milton Keynes via sponsorship from local companies and once in their new pasture the staff from each business will brand, paint and decorate their cow in their very own unique style.

Marshall Amplification are planning to turn their cow into a working amp, which may even be used for an MK50 concert at the MK Bowl! Mirror Outlet, based in Wolverton have taken to creating a mosaic, naturally using mirrors! Many high profile companies have already signed up, so for more detail go to

Flying the Covenant Flag

As a former RAF airfield, Cranfield is one of the world’s leading universities for defence and security education, research and consultancy. It has been a postgraduate academic provider to the UK’s Ministry of Defence for over 30 years.

Signing of the Armed Forces Covenant at Cranfield University, Milton Keynes
Signing of the Armed Forces Covenant at Cranfield University, Milton Keynes

As Under Secretary of State for Defence Personnel and Veterans, I joined Sir Peter Gregson and other military personal at the signing of the Armed Forces Covenant.  The covenant is a government initiative that provides organisations an opportunity to demonstrate, “a promise from the nation that those who serve or have served, including their families, are treated fairly.”