Milton Keynes Preparatory School

Posted 11th June 2024

Milton Keynes Preparatory School – At the end of Year 6 our children are ‘Ready to Lead the Way’

With our 50th year on the horizon, this article provides me with the perfect opportunity to reflect on some of the outcomes and successes for the children of our school.

Success is measured in many ways, but for me, the most important elements are how much the children achieve while here and how happy they are doing this.

It is safe to say that the children I see each day are happy, fun-loving individuals with a real passion for coming to school. Our children here are respectful, polite, caring, and kind, while still having a sense of purpose throughout their day. From this essential starting point, they go on to achieve great things.

A lot of this success can certainly be attributed to our dedicated and inspiring teaching staff. The children start to receive specialist subject teaching from as young as 3, and by the time they are 7, every subject from Art to Music to Maths to Engineering and Design is taught by a specialist. Alongside these knowledgeable, enthusiastic staff, the school has wonderful subject-specific classrooms that enhance a child’s joy of learning. This enables every child to flourish and find strength and focus in their school day.

This year alone, our Year 6 leavers have broken all records for senior school exam successes, with 36 children reaching the required standard for the 11 Plus Grammar Transfer Test and then gaining places at Sir Henry Floyd, Royal Latin, Aylesbury High, and Aylesbury Grammar Schools.

Furthermore, the children also achieved 54 exam passes and offers into a wide variety of selective independent schools, including Bedford Modern, Northampton High, Bedford School, and Haberdashers’ Aske’s Boys School. This success also included several children achieving scholarships in art, music, sport, and academics.

When the children leave us at the end of Year 6, they are ready for all that life in Senior School may throw at them. They are confident, articulate, and respectful—and ready to lead the way.

MKPS has been an incredibly positive and successful place for the children of Milton Keynes for 50 years—50 years of inspiring children!
Simon Driver, Headmaster.